What is ROC change?

ROC or Registrar of Companies filing is made whenever there is any kind of changes made in the company or the company policies. If a director is added or removed, or the company requires name changing, company closure or any other internal changes must be made through ROC filing. It is a complicated legal practice that is often seen in the MSME industry. Lawsuits and courts are often involved in this process. However, hiring a dedicated legal service provider can help you to rest easy as they will be taking care of any legal matters regarding ROC changes without you having to worry about it.


Why ROC filing is required?

As previously mentioned, ROC filing is required whenever there are any internal changes made within the organization. An organization may feel the need to change its name suddenly, or if owners decide to wind up their company to start a new endeavor, These all will require ROC filings with proper documentation and legal proceedings. In the case of a director addition or removal, this is where the legal help is mostly required. Chances are, the obligated director may file a court case against the decision of adding or removal. Hence, a company must have a very efficient legal protection to manage these sort of matter while ROC changes.


Where can I get legal help for ROC changes?

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