Nidhi Annual Company Compliance

The one and only motive of a Nidhi company are to borrow and lend money among the members. Since Nidhi companies are non-banking financial organizations, they are excluded from the compliance of the Companies Act, 2013. Its compliance abides by the Nidhi Company Act, 2014 regulations. The filing of the annual compliance will require the mandatory application of NDH-1, NDH-2, & NDH-3 and a legal proceeding. Failing to comply with the provisions may result in imprisonment and a penalty with an extension up to Rs. 5000. is a market-leading Company Registration firm in Kolkata, serving clients all over India. We provide various range of legal services which includes Annual Compliance for all types of organizations as well. Want to run your business hassle-free without any legal issues? Choose us as your legal partner, and we will take care of all the registrations, drafting, legal agreements, and auditing on your behalf. Get a free quote today by consulting a advisor for your Nidhi Company Annual Compliance.

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