all right language analysis conclusion this is this video presumes you’ve already watched the language analysis introduction and all of this will make sense to you a lot easier a lot more quickly so again same as you do for the introduction without checking write out the acronym fat cat pig and note down what each letter means on a new page on a separate section of your book whatever you can to kind of go through the process again so now think of what parts of this acronym are still necessary in your conclusion and cross them off as we got them listed down the side down and again just as in your introduction the key thing is intertwining so we’re talking about multi multi clausal sentences commas in there and connective phrases to connect things up and you’re going to try and talk about as many things as you can about the elements that you still have left of your acronym so we don’t actually have a special acronym for the conclusion if you can think of one add it to the comment section below I’d be really interested to see if anyone can come up with one that’s a bit smoother but like if we look at the letters we’ve got we’ve got a C a tec-9 don’t know a she I got nothing let me know if you can come up with anything so do we need to save the form not really you can if you want but it’s just sort of not necessary you’ll obviously need to restate the author do we need to say the title again no we don’t the contention definitely the arguments 100% tone absolutely I don’t know where that’s the lowercase Y but you do publication not necessary image and context are optional but obviously if you’re trying to achieve full marks these things might help you to kind of make more connections and better intertwining of the things that you’re talking about so here’s my rather relatively lame example mr. chalking Tain’s set out his contention that chooses the superior food beginning in a spiteful tone then shifting to an even-handed tone before finishing in an accepting and inclusive tone so this is good because it’s not just one tone it would be very rare for a person to maintain one time throughout a speech and likewise for an opinion piece or argument so you kind of want to have at least three if not more shifts that they make throughout the piece and how they kind of vary their time then we’ve got our arguments so firstly he contended that healthy foods are inferior supported by anecdotes statistics and inclusive language that’s not I didn’t actually write this essay obviously the whole thing that is so I would just replicate the in the same sentence that are used in the introduction and the body paragraph as my topic sentences so secondly he progressed to the benefits of cheese with appeals to fear exaggeration and colorful language lastly he concluded that cheese should be a part of everyone’s daily diet with a series of cliches some praise in inclusive language so that’s arguments closed off again you can see I’m not really linking this up especially well but these are the core elements being covered he supported this with the image of a mouse atop some cheese which needs neatly fits into the fact that many cheese’s were being recalled due to contamination when prior to the publication of this article so apart from the word wind that shouldn’t be met it would read as this image fits with the fact that many cheese’s were being recalled due to contamination to the public due prior to the publication of this article so this last sentence connects the image with the context which is nice the arguments haven’t been combined except for the argument and the techniques and our introduction is focused entirely on tone so this covers all of the elements what I would like you to do preferably you would have your own conclusion and you would rewrite it using these factors or you would write your own if you don’t have anything in front of you use this one I’ll put it I’ll post a copy of this actual paragraph into the description of the video and then I would like you to kind of go through it and improve it how would you to come by and things how would you intertwine these factors and how would you link them together and that’s the conclusion of the video on conclusions how matter good luck