The trauma of the sexualized violence results in mental well being problems as properly, with most of the victims suffering from the debilitating results of despair, disgrace, anger, insomnia, and, in some instances, drug addiction. The SPDC commonly imposes monetary punishment on survivors and different members of the community who make rape allegations in opposition to military members. When village headmen, who perform as neighborhood leaders, report rapes to military commanders, the commander may line up his troops to ensure that the victim to identify her attacker. The attacker is notably absent from these lineups, leaving the survivor unable to determine anyone.

Kachin Women’s Association

In Karen State, the regime created a “Four Cuts Campaign” during which forced relocation and free-fireplace zones were employed to take away life-sustaining assets from the civilian Karen population. When the Burmese military takes over an area, the native people are forcibly eliminated to relocation websites, forced to labor for the military and used as human?

Empowering Ethnic Burmese Women Through Weaving

The Karen, pronounced Kah- Ren , are indigenous to the Thailand-Burma border region in Southeast Asia and are one of the many ethnic teams in Burma. There are Karen folks all through the country presently known as Burma or Myanmar. The Karen folks reside in the hilly jap border area of Myanmar, primarily in Karen State, in Kayah State , southern Shan State , Ayeyarwady Division , Southern Kawthoolei and in western Thailand. Karen State, “Kaw Thoo Lei”, is a heavily forested, mountainous strip of land that varieties a divider between Thai and Burmese people, in addition to between the individuals and the Irrawaddy delta inside Burma/Myanmar.

Advancing Human Rights In Burma

For instance, women have been raped so as to occupy “inferior” wombs with “superior” sperm, or pressured to have abortions or sterilizations (as have men of “inferior” groups) in order to end future replica. In some conflicts, women are also subject to the intercourse-particular political torture of forcing them to bear the kid of their torturer so as to break their will.

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Wendy first engaged with JASS Southeast Asia processes on the “Strengthening JASS SEA” workshop in Phnom Penh, Cambodia in June 2012. The annual JASS SEA campaign – ‘One Day, One Voice’ – made a fantastic impression on Wendy and she led ‘One Day, One Voice’ motion in Mandalay on the end of 2012. Most recently, she participated within the January 2013 assembly in Bali of JASS SEA’s regional coordinating group.

As a consequence of such “false accusations” of rape against the army soldiers, two advocacy groups primarily based in Thailand report, the survivor, her household, and any villagers who accompanied her could incur staggering fines or physical punishment. The incidents reported additionally present a prevalence of gang rape, focusing on of young girls, and severe mutilation or homicide submit-rape. High-ranking navy officers committed greater than half of the reported rapes within the Chin, Mon, and Karen states and as many as eighty three % of rapes in Shan state, the report states. Of the 625 rapes reported previous to 2002, the International Human Rights Clinic at Harvard Law School reports, only one resulted in the punishment of the perpetrator by the commanding officer. Victims brave enough to report these crimes undergo not solely from impunity but additionally the worry of reprisals and revenge rapes, which commonly occur.

Nearly half the inhabitants in Burma’s Delta that was hit by the cyclone in May 2008 was ethnic Karen. Many of the brand new arrivals within the U.S. have family on this area and it have to be very difficult for them not to have the ability to assist or contact their members of the family within the country.

Women in the Kachin state, residing within the midst of the civil warfare, are raped by soldiers. In the agricultural areas, they are raped by their very own households and by villagers. Human rights organizations throughout the globe have urged the UN to intervene and stop the long tradition of impunity by referring the Burma situation to the International Criminal Court beneath Article 13 of the Rome Statute. Most victims of rape and sexualized violence undergo from both bodily or psychological trauma in the aftermath of attacks, or both. Women encounter a plethora of bodily health issues together with exposure to HIV/AIDS and damage to reproductive organs.

Wendy’s involvement could be very well timed as she shares the JASS imaginative and prescient. Like JASS, Wendy imagines a peaceable, democratic and just society. Like JASS, Wendy’s fiery ardour for human rights is fanning the flames of the future, building a feminist motion in Burma. “In the rural areas, women are so poor, and there is a lot trafficking, rape and sexual abuse.

While many native cultures are on the point of extinction, the usage of thanaka is fortunately nonetheless extensively practised amongst Burmese women, kids and a lot of men. Though not included in the HREIB formal construction, she remains to be an energetic human rights advocate and part of the HREIB network. She can also be JASS SEA’s regional coordinating group consultant of Burma.