Well I stay in Australia and we might be going into the flu season here shortly. There are at present only about 50 or so deaths right here. The flu kills more than that in anyone season. I might sound chilly hearted to some but I think we should always shield the elderly and vulnerable and simply let the virus do it’s thing and in brief order it will be gone and accomplished with in a matter of weeks. I also imagine that by having everything locked down we’re only delaying the inevitable. I am 66 going on 67 and could be thought of at risk.

I believe it was five, at the end of last week. At current, ministers are not admitting this.

He has by no means rowed again on that and he additionally stated it is now a Pandemic so we now have to deal with this another way than once we were testing and Isolating all contacts. He is an expert on this area…proper man proper place. The downside began when our CSO Vallance mentioned Herd Immunity and that was the sign for mass media outrage. Whitty additionally stated the fatality fee would not be over 1% and possibly much less. The main problem as you stated is overwhelming the NHS because the hospital fee is 5% of all cases.

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Should you have any questions about this concern, please do not hesitate to contact us. We still travel once in a while, but I couldn’t be happier to have my toes on the ground with my household. Today, Glenn and I reside in West Sussex with our 4-year-old daughter. I write full time and work for Glenn as his private assistant. Robert got here to England a couple of occasions to try to woo me, however since he was such a public figure, he didn’t like going out, so we’d get room service — Champagne, chocolate-lined strawberries and oysters. But I wasn’t actually into him, so it was on to the subsequent one. But nothing beats the InterContinental in Johannesburg, the place the altitude is 6,000 ft and the booze goes straight to your head.

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Of course correlation isn’t causation, but if it were an element then preserving everyone indoors would appear to be one thing of an personal goal. Other factors can also come into play, as instructed by Dr Aseem Malhotra, namely ‘metabolic syndrome’, obesity and sort 2 diabetes. For me the tragedy has been the dearth of proper safety for entrance-line medical workers, who by definition are going to be uncovered to bigger doses of the virus than any of us would usually. I actually have seen it stated that the dose is a factor within the outcome – I don’t know. The well being minister has rightly taken flac over the difficulty of PPE, however it is NHS managers who’re to blame for lack of PPE, and lack of shape in racking it up when wanted. The stage of reliance on China for stuff is a wake up call. And sufferers seem to be getting handled as ‘suspected covid’ and therefore when you die and covid is anyplace on your demise certificates, it will get counted as a covid death.

I should have researched, but I didn’t, and I didn’t know Hancock had his snout deep within the trough, nor that the Fergoid was paid by somebody who needs to vaccinate the world and scale back the inhabitants by 15% for starters. If this info was on the TV news, I wonder how many people would cease pondering a lockdown was something to do with saving lives. But don’t worry, all of the essential people will get immunity – from prosecution for reckless endangerment of the general public.

The numbers are on the market, I guess, however I’m struggling to discover a plausible source that just give me the numbers without having to delve into reams of stats. If your determine is appropriate – not disputing, simply unable to confirm, a link would assist please – then that might counsel 22K vulnerable folks that ought to scale back the ‘in danger’ population. Judging by the every day figures, doubtlessly not. That and historic beneath investment within the NHS, I guess. But even within the short time period the present logistic problems have been seen coming for months. Like many different nations – the US being a major instance – denial that something, something would have to be carried out, regardless on whether or not it’s the proper thing to be accomplished.

We’ve heard that many of the stricken medical personel or younger people probably were exposed to a high viral load. According to the report in the Independent “This would involve accepting the heightened threat to the elderly rather than harming younger generations with rising unemployment, home violence and psychological sickness”. In Australia we’re as much as 61 deaths now, in a inhabitants of round 25.four million. Apparently 18 of these deaths are of people that have been on the Ruby Princess cruise ship. That certainly needs wanting into… The relaxation are generally other elderly people, largely 70 and upwards with comorbidities, and plenty of in aged care houses. Hi, Glucose doesn’t feed the virus as such. They use host cells, that are affected by glucose, to replicate.

I too assume I may have had it earlier this yr after being informed by my GP, following a chest Xray for something else, that I had a shadow on my right lung. A subsequent Xray showed the shadow had gone. With an effective anti-body check being the only means I can inform, for a while no less than, that I even have had the virus and have a degree of immunity, the thought of going again out into the world after lockdown is horrifying. Thanks for a thought provoking article, Malcolm. Remember the objections individuals put as much as cellphone towers in their neighbourhoods? If they’d caused any hassle there can be court circumstances galore, but up to now nothing that I am aware of.

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But far worse is the quantity of curtain-twitching and snitching that’s been happening, with individuals fabricating ‘guidelines’ in their very own heads, extrapolated from the government’s ‘life-saving’ guidelines. On my local neighbourhood discussion board, somebody revealed a picture of someone’s automotive with the main points of their registration and once I took them to task for this I ended up getting banned from the positioning – again. The system will assist the dependancy to carbohydrates, and this is very difficult to show round. However, these are somewhat alarming times, and it’s time to reconsider how we subsidize rubbish meals and promote well being as a society. While we don’t have knowledge showing those on keto are NOT exhibiting up in mortality statistics, we have lots of data showing those that have died are diabetic and obese. Two, we have knowledge from prior viruses that show lowered susceptibility to flu, SARS and herpes when insulin is low.


As anglosvizzera factors out, it was very a lot depending on the presenting symptoms….and in my friends case, any motion was making the cough much worse . Byronia seems to fit quite properly but if, as some doctors are reporting anecdotally, the symptom picture was that of sudden respiration difficulties similar to altitude illness, I’d have gone with Coca. And if the illness had progressed additional, then probably Carbo Veg. At just £2.95 for every treatment I’d be minded to have all three on hand ought to anyone find themselves in a self-treating place and operating out of typical options.

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Elderly folks paradoxically appear to be those struggling probably the most from the lockdown. Since their household is not allowed to go to them anymore, it appears the standard of their care has taken a nosedive. Apparently, nagging relations are necessary to get moderately excellent care. I think in your abstract you missed out the early briefing where Prof Whitty stated we are going to have up to eighty% of the inhabitants ultimately contaminated.

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However, in most cases, viruses attenuate by way of mutation – though not always. There is a critical problem that you have not mentioned, nevertheless; mutation. For me, one compelling argument for lockdown is that, by stopping the unfold, we’re preventing the possibility of mutation in order that, when a virus is discovered , will probably be effective. This has been my view, and I assist the government in its lockdown efforts to not overwhelm the NHS. But, as you say, this can be very unlikely to eradicate the virus. A magnesium deficiency can be liable for vitamin/hormone D not working properly in the body, which may explain why some folks continue to have an obvious D deficiency despite taking very high doses. As I perceive it, magnesium is a mineral that is briefly provide today in our diet and isn’t notably bio-obtainable even when it’s there.

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Testing for magnesium deficiency can also be fraught with problems being as the standard NHS test is the blood serum check which solely, as its name suggests, measures the amount within the blood serum. But the body cleverly steals magnesium from body shops to make sure the blood ranges are optimal and subsequently a real deficiency isn’t https://married.dating/illicit-encounters-review/ apparent until all the body stores are depleted. Anglosvizzera, I’ve been pondering the same about vitamin D and ethnicity. Older people are additionally more likely to be poor, and those that are overweight. All threat elements for caring badly with covid.

They are presenting lock-down as a way of “beating this virus.” In order to implement lockdown, they’re haranguing and scaring the population into compliance. What about discovering an efficient treatment? Influenza, a very comparable virus, has been around for decades, and no recreation altering medications have yet been found. Eradication is virtually inconceivable with such a extremely infectious disease.

Rosedale has an important a part of the reply, I imagine. But I am by no means keen on individuals who say everybody, or all the time, or 100%. Absolutist statements are never, ever, right. Obese folks had 6x the danger of getting a severe Covid-19 case in China. The evidence is crystal clear that coronavirus attacks the metabolically unhealthy much more durable. The most vulnerable to Covid-19 are individuals with diabetes, hypertension , obsesity – these “metabolically unhealthy” folks even have excessive leptin ranges.

However, the 1968 flu hit younger and old alike. Perhaps the dying rate was lower as a result of so many young folks got properly. Covid assaults older folks and generally older individuals are extra apt to die from influenza or any upper respiratory illness. Meanwhile four people with co-morbidities in their 70s-90s have died, who occurred to be covid-19 positive. The NZ authorities has aped this hysterical reaction.

My husband and I are sixty two and very not often get colds despite spending time with those that are snivelling and coughing all over. I even have only ever knowingly had ‘flu’ once in my life and that was over 20 years ago when I was a careworn-out mom of four.

I do have other well being circumstances regardless of dwelling healthfully because of our poisoned surroundings and heavy metals like mercury and gadolinium and chemical substances like glyphosate . But to let you know the truth, I would rather take my possibilities with a virus than have my freedoms taken away, which is what’s going to and is going on proper underneath our noses. I don’t want to live in a dystopian world.

  • – There isn’t any information that putting everyone on LCHF, and saturated fat at that, lowers susceptibilty to either catch the virus or have a nasty sickness.
  • David R – I was trying to find a link to find the annual flu price values for this season this night.
  • Not very profitable hough, compared to feeding folks crap meals and following up with crap medicine.
  • The numbers are out there, I guess, however I’m struggling to find a plausible source that simply give me the numbers without having to delve into reams of stats.
  • If your figure is right – not disputing, simply unable to confirm, a hyperlink would assist please – then that may suggest 22K weak people that ought to reduce the ‘at risk’ population.
  • Judging by the daily figures, doubtlessly not.

This virus mutates, however not at the price of flu. Most of the early instances in Seattle have been of an odd mutation, not that it had an impact on letality or contagiousness, however that is how they knew that it had unfold from a single unrecognized provider. Similarly, most ter in NYC have been imported via Europe and not immediately from China.